Lapsang Souchong

Decidedly smoky, robust
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Xiǎo zhǒng hóngchá
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

A tea made famous by its story of origin and its early trading in the world market. Lapsang is made by withering tea leaves over open fires of fresh pine logs. Made in the WuYi Mountains, this is a tea that European tea traders loved and the Chinese responded to their interest. We selected a lot that is not overly smoky but is hearty and rich and will satisfy. It goes well with salty and spicy dishes, cheese, and will warm in cold weather.

Lot Notes. We look for a Lapsang that is medium in its smoke flavor, offering a crisp aroma. The base black tea is a large size leaf and offers a rich flavor. The scenting by smoke, we prefer the scenting that it is not too heavy so the base black tea is tasted. There is complexity and nuance to this tea and its "smokey" flavor is balanced and clean. Lot # 2.

Tea Facts. This lot was grown and processed in the WuYi Mountains. The tea is made using fully oxidized oolong leaves. This lot was made in Spring 2023.

Tasting Notes. These long, black strips of leaf have a taste that is decidedly smoky, robust and a little biscuity. Cups to rich, enticing rust-red liquor color.

Brewing Suggestions. Use one level teaspoon or 3 grams of leaf for 6-8 ounces of water at a temperature of 195-205 F. Steep for 2.5-3 minutes and taste. Higher water temp and a longer steep brings more flavor & body into the cup.

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