Magnolia Blossom Fragrance

Find flavors of roasted almond, honeysuckle and stone fruit.
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Mùlán huā xiāngwèi
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

Once picked, the leaves are sorted, withered in sunlight or a warm room for several hours with an occasional gentle rolling. This hand-rolling of the leaves induces the process of creating the flavors and aromas of perhaps our sweetest tasting oolong. A Dan Cong cultivar, this tea is grown in the famous Phoenix Mountains of Guangdong Province. Prized in China for the complexity of its flavors, the name Magnolia Blossom reflects the flavors it naturally produces.

Lot Notes. Lot is handmade and grown in the WuDong Mountain area. We have procured teas from the tea maker for years and his annual offerings are first grade and artisanal in crafting. Magnolia Blossom offers a lush and balanced, naturally sweet, flavorful cup. It is an excellent version of this class of oolongs. Lot was harvested in 2022.

Tea Facts. This lot was grown at an elevation of approximately 1000 meters in the Fenghuang area, of Guangdong Province. Once harvested & withered, the leaves are gently hand rolled for 6-8 hours initiating enzymatic reactions that create its aromas and flavors. Its distinctive, red-green leaf are wood charcoal fired in ovens to create a fruity, roasted aroma. Grown on a small, terraced farm, red soil is mineral-rich. Harvested from trees fed by subterranean springs.

Tasting Notes. This style of Dan Cong is naturally sweet and highly aromatic. We find flavors of roasted almond, finish is honeysuckle and stone fruit. Finish is nuanced and will linger!

Brewing Suggestions. Use 3-4 grams of leaves for 8-12 ounces of water. Boiling water is best; briefly rinse the leaves and pour off to "awaken" the leaf. Try a two-minute steep time and see if you enjoy the taste. We recommend to not leave the leaf in water as the tea will over-steep. It  preserves the flavors in the leaves providing additional steeps. Note - first steep is known for aroma, 2nd & 3rd steeps bring out fuller, richer flavors. Multiple steeps are there to enjoy.

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