Mao Cha

Sun dried, brisk flavor

Produced by a small tea factory near the village of Danjian, Yunnan Province, this Mao Cha was harvested mid-April 2018. The factory is small and rustic, located near the top of a mountain. Tea was processed in wood-fired woks that look out over the mountains of the greater Cangyuan area. One will note the comparatively small leaf as this lot was harvested early in the spring season.   

Lot Notes
Small farm, leaves are plucked, withered and processed on site. Sampling the tea and listening to the farmer describe their farming methods, we felt our customers would appreciate an opportunity to enjoy this exquisite lot. The taste of the tea is clean and vibrant.
Tea Facts

Grown on Gaduo farm, the tea was harvested from small tea trees. Estimates of the age of the trees vary but it seems they are between 50 & 60 years old. Tea is sun-dried and for all intents and purposes, grown organically.

Tasting Notes
Lightly sweet, biscuity, liquor is crisp with some hints of floral notes. The flavor is herbaceous. The finish is clean and soft.

Brewing Suggestions
Use the Gong fu style of brewing, if possible. Plenty of leaf, short 15-30 second steeps, enjoy. Otherwise, 5 grams for 8-12 ounces of water, boiling water temperature. Rinse the leaves and then re-infuse and steep for 2-3 minutes and taste. Should be light and soft fruit. Will steep multiple times. 

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Máo chá 毛茶
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