Rare Orchid - Qi Lan

High aroma, sweet notes of plums, lush taste!
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Qi Lan
Caffeine Level:
Main Flavor Profile:
Sweet, fruity
Loose leaf

A high-mountain oolong cultivar crafted to a black tea in the local style of the Fu'An area. This wonderful black opens to sweet notes of plums and grows to a delicious, sweet finish. 

Lot Notes. Source is a farm located in the mountains along the north coast of Fujian Province. Note its large leaf made from a Tieguanyin cultivar. Lot offers a strong flowery aroma! Tea was harvested April 2022.

Tea Facts. It was harvested in the first week of April. Varietal from which the cultivar has been developed has its origins in the WuYi mountains. Bush now has been in cultivation in FuAn for over 100 years with ever more impressive tasting black teas. Farm is high mountain, uses organic methods but not yet certified. 

Tasting Notes. A sweet flavor of plum comes through immediately. Taste is lush, naturally sweet. Cup liquor is bright red. The finish is long, sweet with a nice warming touch.

Brewing Suggestions. For 6-8 ounces of water at a temperature of 195-205 F, we suggest one rounded teaspoon of leaf. Steep for two minutes and taste. There should be immediate sweet notes of plum or stone fruit. Longer steeps will deepen the flavors. Multiple steeps are in order.

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