Raw "Sheng" Pu-erh Cake

Silver buds, steamed-green, vegetal sweetness

A green or Sheng style Pu-erh cake grown and made in the Cangyuan area of Yunnan Province. Farm is located in a mountainous region inhabited by the Wa ethnic minority. Morning plucking sessions begin early to avoid the heat of the day and are accentuated with lively conversations and the bright headdresses and jewelry of the Wa. Cake was made in 2017 using small, newly sprouted silver tips and leaves. 

Lot Notes
Cake is made using leaves harvested in April of 2017. Pluck is young, small newly sprouted silver tips and leaves. Once compressed, the "freshness" of the leaves is preserved. At the same time, the developing flavors that result from the aging process are ensured by the press of the cake. The cake was ready to drink in 2017. The intervening period has brought forth new flavors to be enjoyed.  Cake weight is 357 grams. Lot #KN-8.

Tea Facts
Tea was grown in Cangyuan area. Harvest date was April of 2017. Pluck is comprised of silver buds and small leaves. Tea was beneficially aged for the first year in supplier's warehouse in the area.  

Tasting Notes
Taste is light and clean, offering a steamed-green vegetal sweetness. Best if steeped briefly and taste. Notes are floral with a short steep.

Brewing Suggestions
We suggest 3-5 grams per 8 ounces of water. Another measure to use - break off a teaspoon full of leaf for 8-12 ounces of water. Use water at boiling temperature, rinse the leaves briefly to awaken them.  Re-infuse and steep for 1.5 to 2 minutes and taste. Steep for longer period if more taste is preferred. Experiment with leaf quantity and steep times until you find the taste you enjoy. Leaves will steep multiple times. 

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Shēng pǔ’ěr tuóchá 生普洱沱茶
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  • 5
    Mellows out after a few steeps.

    Posted by Erik Joski on 25th Oct 2019

    This tea starts out fairly astringent, but after several steeps becomes very smooth. Has more of a vegetal / straw like flavor. Something unique that is unlike oolong or ripe pu erh. Probably more similar to white tea flavor.

  • 5
    Raw Pu'erh Cake

    Posted by Robert Asplund on 22nd May 2019

    Really enjoy this pu'er. Raw pu'er is the main tea I drink and I've been having this one daily. Have loved the flavor and maintains through a few brews. Also makes me happy that Silk Road works to find tea without chemicals, etc :) Finally, for the quality of the tea, I feel like this is a great value for $30