Red Goddess

Notes of honey, aroma of peach.
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Black oolong
Hóng shénnǚ
Medium - high
Main flavor:

Red Goddess is made by allowing Tieguanyin leaves to fully oxidize to an aromatic, sweetly floral black tea. One will note the leaves are long and thin, very unusual for a Tieguanyin cultivar. For lovers of black tea, this one offers yet another option for a flavorful & refreshing cup!

Lot Notes. The lot was grown at a comparatively high elevation of 800 meters. The sharp temperature variations of spring develop compact bud sets and complex flavors. The leaves have been carefully processed evidenced by its lovely aroma. In tasting, we found it offers a clean and lively black. A great option for both morning and mid-day tea drinking. Harvested April 2023.

Tea Facts. Our lot was grown in the WuYi Mountains, the home of oolong tea. The cultivar is a hybrid created by the grafting of two bushes - the roots of one and stem & leaves of another - serving to create a tea ready for an early-spring pluck. While it is harvested early in the season, it offers the complex flavors of an oolong made to a hong cha or red tea. 

Tasting Notes. While definitively black in flavor, there are notes of honey and aroma of peach. There is a strong floral aftertaste as well.

Brewing Suggestions. Use a rounded teaspoon for 8-12 ounces of water at a temperature of 205 degrees F., rinse briefly to awaken the leaves. Steep for 2 - 2.5 minutes and taste. Added steep time will add body and some complexity to the cup. It will steep multiple times with added time.