Ripe "Shou" Pu-erh Cake

Earthy, sweet, hint of vanilla

 A ripe or "cooked", Shou style Pu-erh cake from the Cangyuan area of Yunnan Province. Cake is 357 grams of pressed, texture-rich leaves. Cake was processed using the "Wo Dui" method - a process whereby the leaves are steamed and stacked to ferment the leaf and develop the "aging" of the leaf.  Cake was made in 2017.

Lot Notes
This bing cha is made from the DaYe varietal, a large-leafed varietal species of Camellia assamica. Varietal grows throughout Yunnan Province, both wild and farmed. In the fermentation process the leaves are exposed to high temperatures and steaming to develop the traditional, sweet flavors and bright colors for which this tea is famous. Tea leaves were harvested on a farm associated with a supplier with whom Silk Road Teas has worked for a number of years.

Tea Facts
Grown in the high elevations of Cangyuan area, near the Vietnam border. Harvesting commences in late February into March with successive harvests to the summer months. Cake was produced in 2017. It continues to ferment and develop flavors. The fermentation process speeds the aging of the leaves by heat and naturally created steam.

Tasting Notes
Tea was ready for drinking in 2017. The aging process since has added to the flavors to be enjoyed. Texture of the tea is rich and thick when brewed. Aroma is earthy, sweet, showing some hints of vanilla. Flavor is very pleasant, well-balanced and non-astringent. Tea will only get stronger, with no increase in astringency using longer steeping times.

Brewing Suggestions
We recommend 5 grams for 8-12 ounces. Taste and determine if you need more leaf. Use boiling water and briefly rinse the leaves. If time allows, let the leaves steam for a few minutes, then re-infuse. This should release more flavor and enhance its bouquet. Steep for 3-4 minutes and taste. Experiment to find your preferred amount of leaf and steep time. Leaves will yield multiple steeps. 

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    Something Different

    Posted by Chris Whitehorn on 27th Apr 2019

    Picked up this beeng in addition to my usual small leaf order and couldn't wait to try it. Earthy humus, cedar, cacao, very little to no wo dui, and rather lean in body even when oversteeped while dark in color (which I just did on accident). My brother always said the signature of a quality tea is when you forgot you were steeping it for a half hour and come back and it's still smooth. This is the case for this tea lot!