Silver Needle - Yin Zhen

Traditional Fujian style - savory flavors of apricot & honeysuckle

Yin Zhen is a variety of remarkable and ethereal Chinese teas made with an exacting skill in handling and processing.

In its pure form and most traditional form, YinZhen or Silver Needle, is made of tender spring buds from a varietal cultivated in Fujian Province. We returned to Zhenghe County once again to procure this year's lot. This area is famous and recognized for producing some of the finest of China’s white teas. Plucked in the second week of April, the buds are a light yellow-green color and covered with tender, downy hair giving them a traditional velvety appearance. The buds are simply withered and carefully dried.  The liquor is delicate and sweet with a savory mouth feel. The first lots are picked late in March into April and only with ideal weather conditions. It takes a skilled "pluck" to harvest these buds and thousands are needed to create a single kilogram of tea. The result is in the cup - there is simply no comparable tea. 

Lot Notes.
We think this lot captures the essence of the spring harvest. Harvest date is April 2021 Lot #1.Yin Zhen is one of China's famous teas, a tea that should be regularly tasted by lovers of tea. This lot is arguably a more traditional style of Fujianese Yin Zhen. Buds are larger and more yellow in appearance. The bud is large - consistent in size and shape. Plucked from the high-grade Zhenghe Da Bai tea varietal, buds offer a very pleasing aroma. The consistent size and delicate soft "hairs", indicate masterful work in preserving the natural attributes of the varietal creating a delightful flavor. In tasting, we were reminded again of the wonderful flavor characteristics of this exceptional tea.

Tasting Notes.
Bai Hao Yin Zhen is made from the Da Bai varietal using only select bud sets. It is grown at an elevation of approximately 800 meters in an area that arguably produces some of the world's finest white teas. This lot was grown on a farm specializing in Yin Zhen and Bai Mu Dan, in the Guanyang township, in Fujian Province. Processing the buds entails simple withering and careful drying.

Tasting Notes.
The cup color is pale light yellow-green. The liquor has a fresh & delicately sweet taste. Enjoy savory flavors of fresh apricots and honeysuckle as they coat the tongue. The liquor is silky and smooth.   

Brewing Suggestions.
For 8 ounces of water, use 3 grams (a well-rounded teaspoon) of leaf. Optimum water temperature is between 175 to 195° F. The higher the temperature, the quicker the flavors will release from the leaves. We recommend a brief steeping of 2 minutes to enjoy this tea's subtle qualities. Tea will not become bitter with a long infusion. Between infusions, drain all the water off the leaves to preserve flavors and provide additional steeps. The leaves typically yield 3 steeps.

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Yín zhēn 银针
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Loose Leaf
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