Snow Bud (Xue Ya)

Tightly wound leaves characterize this Fujian Province, high-mountain varietal that grows inland away from the coast. Named for the occasional white snow-colored patches that spot the leaf, this tea is harvested early and well captures nuanced and sweet tastes of the spring season. Harvest date April 2018. Lot # 8.

Lot Notes
Harvested at a comparatively high elevation, the season is short for this making this style of tea. The harvest window is only days in duration in order to maintain correct coloration and size of the leaves. The result is naturally sweet, delicate notes. We found this lot early and once tasted, selected it for our 2018 offering. On the farm, ample water flows the result of rain, mist and springs provide nurturing moisture for the leaves. Colder night temperatures matched with rising daytime temps serve to clarify its liquor.

Tasting Notes
As this varietal grows at a high elevation, it taste is fresh and light. The leaf aroma is vegetal; the taste is naturally sweet and clean. A refreshing tea, it is great as an afternoon beverage and it goes very well with food.

Brewing Suggestions
One tablespoon or 3 grams of leaf will make 8-12 ounces of tea. Use water temperature of 195 - 205 degrees F and steep briefly for 2 minutes. This tea can become astringent if steeped too long.

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    Good Green

    Posted by Will on 6th Jul 2016

    The Snow Bud is a good tea. I drink it first thing in the morning with a splash of milk. It's a good tea to start the day with.