Tan Yang Congou

Refreshing, unparalleled sweetness
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Tan Yang Congou
Main flavor:
Sweet cocoa

Tan Yang is part of a family of ancient & artisanal black teas from Fujian Province. Its long history is fabled and distinguished. An early export tea to Europe during the late Qing Dynasty, its light and refreshing notes and unparalleled sweetness is enhanced by an earthiness and a lack of astringency. These attributes speak to why so many tea enthusiasts love this tea.

Lot Notes. Tea was grown near Tangyan village in FuAn city. Lot is a mix - primarily sturdy black leaf, with a smattering of gold buds. The pick is mid-season; leaves are broken. Our pricing reflects this appearance, however, it has not lessened the quality of this tea. 

Tea Facts. Black teas in this area of Fujian have been produced for over 1600 years. Lot was grown in Tangyan Village. The cultivar for this tea was once used solely for green teas. Each pluck may or may not show a contrasting golden tip. 

Tasting Notes.  This congou offers a soothing and smooth flavor with an beautiful amber infusion. We find notes of cocoa, caramel and plum, with an enlivening palate feel. Virtually no astringency!

Brewing Suggestions. We recommend 2.5-3 grams per 6-8 ounces of water at a temperature of 195-205 F.  Keep your steep time short, 1.5 to minutes will provide a cupwith a range of this teas wonderful flavors and aromas. Drain the leaves; when ready re-steep, the 2nd steep is equally rewarding.