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Enjoy any one of our 4 varieties of Dragon Well.

Healthy, invigorating teas, nutty sweet, chestnut-like notes.

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Dragon Well
  • Dragon Well "Jiukeng"

    Dragon Well "Jiukeng"

    A style of Dragon Well rarely found in the U.S. Elegant in appearance, offering an exquisite aroma, this Lung Ching cultivar is noticeably smaller in leaf than the more widely known Dragon Wells. The leaf appearance is strikingly green with ample...
    Local, elegant, small-leaf cultivar

  • Dragon Well - First Grade

    Dragon Well - First Grade

    Our first grade Dragon Well was harvested "before the rain" early in April when the prized teas of the season are released. In our search for this tea, we apply 3 criteria: consistent leaf size, shape, and coloration; aroma - fresh,...
    Enlivening, vegetal & nutty

  • Dragon Well - Long Jing

    Dragon Well - Long Jing

    Dragon Well is known for 4 characteristics: a jade-like color, vegetative aroma, chestnut-like flavor and a feather-like shape. It is perhaps the best known of the Chinese teas. Our Lung Ching is a standard grade showing fresh green coloration, hints...
    Clean vegetal flavor, toasty, naturally sweet notes

  • organic Organic

    Dragon Well Organic

    Dragon Well deservedly enjoys a long & rich history of cultivation and may well be the most famous tea in the world. Picked early in the spring harvest, its exquisite taste highlights why it is much sought after and recognized as one of...
    Nutty, sweet flavors