Thousand Days Red Jasmine

Beautifully shaped leaves unfurl and bloom.
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Shù qiān tiān hóng mòlì 数千天红茉莉
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Thousand Days Red Jasmine (Xian Tao) celebrates the gastronomic and social value of tea.  Known as a display or presentation tea, this wonderful tea is made with soft, very pliable green tea leaves that are sewn together, often with a silken thread, into a Litchi Nut shape, then scented with jasmine flowers. The green nut will slowly open to a bright red flower in celebration.
As display or art teas celebrate the earlier mentioned value of tea in the fabric of Chinese culture, they are typically presented at dinners and celebratory meals around holidays such as the new year and gatherings of family and friends. With steeping, these beautifully shaped leaves fold back and "bloom". Thousand Days can be served cold to adorn a summer table as thirst quenching sweet beverage while entertaining all. This lot is hand sewn: 2023 harvest season.

Lot Notes
The best quality display teas are usually found in Fujian Province. It is arguable that the finest jasmine scented teas are also made in Fujian. Tasting various lots, we found this tea was well made in that the leaves hold together through multiple steps; and the jasmine scenting is natural and pleasing.

Tea Facts
It is made with a varietal that has an unusually pliable leaf. The varietal grows in northern Fujian Province. The red flower within is Globe amaranth (Gomphrena globosa) is known as "Thousand Days Red". Tea is very slow to turn astringent.

Tasting Notes
"Xian Tao" offers a soft, sweet tea taste and the varietal does not get bitter as it steeps. Jasmine scenting is natural and sweet with a smooth mouth feel and is very relaxing.
Brewing Suggestions
Place one Nut in a sturdy wine glass, wine carafe or glass teapot (12- 16 ounces) in water temperature of about 195–205 degrees. Steep for 4-5 minutes as the leaves slowly unfurl and open.  It will steep multiple times. Enjoy the show!

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