White Chrysanthemum Oolong

Toasty Oolong & tangy, sweet Chrysanthemum
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Fujian & Anhui Provinces
Bái júhuā wū lóng 白菊花乌龙
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

Mellow, deep, toasty flavors characterize the "Black Dragon" Oolong that is the basis of this traditional blend. White Chrysanthemum flowers are added bringing a fresh sweetness to this delightful tea. A favored tea in China, especially in the holiday and winter seasons, it is a perfect tea for relaxing, entertaining and with meals. Lot # 88.

Lot Notes
Each year's harvest is graded and then blended to create the various lots offered. We look for a few traditional style Tieguanyin lots that offer a more oxidized. roasted flavor. This lot has plenty of body and nuanced notes that make it an excellent selection to be combined with White Chrysanthemum. Note the classic leaf shape, varied leaf coloration and bright aroma.  

Tea Facts
Select Tieguanyin variety leaves from the AnXi Region of Fujian Province are rolled and oxidized at 60-80% offering a rich, almost spicy base flavor. Farm is located at about 700 meters on the eastside of the coastal mountain range. Many consider this farm’s location as ideal for tea as the slope receives early morning sun and cooling breezes. The White Chrysanthemum flowers are from Anhui Province. They are natural, no additives. The flowers are broken by us to create a consistent blend.

Tasting Notes
The White Chrysanthemum is sweet and tangy. The Oolong is deep and toasty in flavors and aroma. Combined, they create a softly sweet and invigorating cup of tea. You will note its lingering flavors.

Brewing Suggestions
We use one rounded tablespoon or about 4-5 grams for 12 ounces of water. Best if the water is right at boiling temperature. Briefly rinse the leaves and pour this water off.  Re-infuse and let it steep for 2 minutes and taste. If you want more flavor, 3-4 minutes will bring more body and flavor to the cup. Multiple steeps are the norm.

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