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Our business is the importation of high-quality, specialty and artisan teas for wholesale and retail markets. Long-standing supplier relationships with tea farms, specialty tea companies, small factories and local tea markets in various provinces of China provide our customers with teas of unparalleled quality at very competitive prices.  We also offer a full line of organic herbal products & tisanes in handcrafted blends.

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Our value to our customers as their source of specialty and artisan teas is multiple:

Selection: we offer all 6 varieties of Chinese tea: white, green, yellow, oolong, black/red and Pu-erh in wholesale quantities with consistent annual supply at your standard. We also supply rare and seasonal artisan teas in numerous varieties that we source each harvest season from farms, tea markets and specialty tea factories.  These are unusual teas of unparalleled quality and not typically made for the export market. 

Quality: we travel extensively in China and purchase our teas directly with no broker between SRT and the tea grower. We source "domestic grade", specialty teas that match the most rigorous standards of quality. Our teas are third-party certified organics, conventionally processed and fairly traded in an effort to meet specifications of EU Standard, USDA NOP Certified, fair trade, etc.).

Pricing: direct, in-China sourcing means competitive pricing for our customers. We have supply relationships established in each of the major tea-producing provinces of China. If you have a specific tea requirement, we can source a high-quality product at a competitive price.

Packaging: once purchased, our teas are warehoused in our facility in China, vacuum-sealed, packaged and promptly transported to the U.S. We use the highest packaging standards to preserve the freshness and quality of our teas. This quality standard results in our teas maintaining a level of freshness and quality few tea companies can match.

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Click here and find out how we can help you source the finest Chinese teas. We offer a range of pricing depending on your business needs, volume and the type of tea that you are interested in purchasing.