World of China's oolongs

Highly aromatic, flavorful & delicious

Exotic large leaves, highly aromatic, flavorful & delicious - 3 varieties of oolongs!  Our sampler collection offers essentially the range of Chinese oolong styles.  From low-oxidized and floral to traditional medium oxidized and "spicey" to high-fired and toasty.  All delicious, offers a great introduction to the world of oolongs.

  • "Iron Goddess" Tieguanyin - Traditional China style, leaves are rolled, medium oxidized, creates a full-bodied, softly sweet & spicy taste. (2 oz.)
  • Source Mountain "Ben Shan" - Rolled, low-oxidized, local cultivar, naturally floral and lush taste, delivers a wonderfully aromatic & lingering note. (2 oz.)
  • One Bush - Phoenix Bird Dan Cong style - grown high-elevation, handmade, wood-charcoal fired, elegant brown-red leaf, taste is toasty & fruity. (2 oz.)

Lot Notes. Our Iron Goddess is made of medium oxidized and low-oxidized leaves grown in the AnXi area. Source Mountain is a small leaf, local cultivar, grown in AnXi. One Bush is high-fired, grown in the famous Fenghuang area.

Tea Facts. Oolongs originated in the WuYi Mountains of Fujian Province. In coloration and oxidization they are midway between green and black teas as they are semi-oxidized. The high-fire Dan Cong style are made in Guangdong Province. Low oxidized, greener color Tieguanyins are made in Fujian Province. Generally, oolongs are medium in caffeination.

Tasting Notes. These 3 teas offer a range of oolong tastes. Dan Cong's are roasty, sweet and almond-like in flavor. Source Mountain and Iron Goddess are lush, aromatic and floral, buttery in the finish.

Brewing Suggestions. Use a teaspoon or about 3 grams of leaf for 7-8 ounces of water. Water should be 205 F to boiling. Rinse the leaves briefly, pour off and re-infuse. Steep for 2 minutes and taste. Use longer steeps for more body & flavor.  



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Fujian & Guangdong
Wū lóng yàngpǐn 乌龙样品
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Loose leaf
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    Great Intro To Oolongs

    Posted by Sy on 16th Apr 2015

    This is a great sampler. The Source Mountain is a great light sweet/floral cup with a soft feel. The Iron Goddess is a staple now. A very aromatic sweet cup when brewed right. And of course the One Bush is as tasty as I suspected! A nice floral/slight earthy/ever so light smokiness carried by a wonderful fruity overtone. Get the brew time/temp right and this sampler is a great way to introduce yourself to the awesome world of Oolong tea!