Wu Liang Mountain Mao Cha

Nice light cha qi !
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Mao Cha

Grown organically at an elevation of 1300 meters, this Wu Liang Mao Cha offers floral, sweet notes, earthiness, and a refreshing astringency in the finish. 

Lot Notes. Leaves were harvested in 2019. Sun-dried and aged two years, the leaves now steep to herbaceous notes and some fruitiness.

Tea Facts. Varietal is Da Ye or big leaf. Tea grows on a tea tree. Harvested the leaves are known as saiqing mao cha - sun-dried coarse tea - it is technically a type of green tea but is rarely tasted as such.

Tasting Notes. The cultivar is strong, lightly sweet, herbaceous. Mouthfeel is round and smooth, no hint of astringency with a short steep. Astringency becomes apparent with a longer steep time. Finish is refreshing and lingers. 

Brewing Suggestions. Careful brewing will bring out smoother, sweeter notes. Use one tablespoon for 7-8 ounces of boiling water. Briefly rinse the leaves and pour off water and re-infuse. Taste at 1:30-2 minutes for a lighter, fruity cup. A longer steep will bring up bolder, fuller flavors and astringency. Multiple steeps are the rule.