Zhongshan Baiye "White Leaf" Oolong

Delicate, almond-sweet & fruity flavor.
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Zhōngshān “bái yè “wū lóng 中山 “白叶“ 乌龙
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Main Flavor Profile:
Loose leaf

A famous Dan Cong variety Oolong that has been cultivated and enjoyed for 100-200 years. Originating in the WuYi mountains of Fujian Province, this highly aromatic Oolong steeps to a golden-yellow infusion with a complex, delicate, toasty-fruity flavor.

Lot Notes
Lot is handcrafted. The teamaker is Mr. Lin Ze, with whom we have done business for over 16 years. Through his processing, this lot is characterized by its strong flowery aroma.    

Tea Facts
"White Leaf" is one of the famous Fenghuang area Oolongs made from the Zhong Shan cultivar grown in the Phoenix Mountains of Guangdong Province. Harvested from Oolong trees, this cultivar has comparatively large leaves that are hand worked then put through an extended process of withering; then "bruising" the leaf, oxidizing, firing and re-firing to create a depth of aroma and flavor that is unparalleled. During these processes, called Yao-qing, the edge of the leaves turns red. The finished leaf is long and a deep brown color after its repeated firings in an oven and over charcoal in wicker baskets.

Brewing Suggestions
These carefully worked leaves will yield multiple steeps, typically 5 to 7. The first steep is known for its aroma, with the 2nd and 3rd steeps, the leaves slowly open yielding smooth, rich aromas and flavors. This is a tea to enjoy with friends in the afternoon or evening as it is invigorating and satisfying.



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