Emperor's Blacks

Offering a range of aromas & flavors, artisan crafted

Sourced from 3 different provinces, encompassing a range of terroir and flavors, handcrafted by artisans of the leaf, our Emperor's Black Gift Set, ensures a rare taste of some of China's most famous black teas.  We selected only the finest of the harvest for our set. Sweet and full-bodied, perfect for breakfast and most any time of the day, our set is presented in our beautiful Silk Road Teas' gift box, along with an elegant glass tea pot, two white porcelain cups, brewing instructions and a personal handwritten note. These select teas will bring warmth and good cheer throughout the holidays and the coming year.

Our gift includes 2 ounce tins of each of the following teas:


Known as the "Burgundy" of tea, this organic offers rich aromas, and  sweet flavors.

Golden Monkey

 Our Organic Golden Monkey is made in the traditional style - more to the look of the fur of a Monkey with a elegant flavor and robust aroma.

Yunnan Black

  Organically-grown at the higher mountain elevations in Yunnan Province,  the crafted black leaves are speckled with golden buds giving your cup full bodied, sweet and creamy notes.  Excellent any time of day.


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Huángdì de hēisè lǐpǐn tàozhuāng 皇帝的黑色礼品套装
Gift Set
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