Fresh Loose Leaf Green Tea

Green Tea

The least oxidized of teas, green varietals offer flavors ranging from vegetal and cream-like to toasty, nutty, naturally sweet, and clean.

We adhere to the standard that the “before the rain” early harvest greens, are the most nuanced and finest of the annual harvest.

In each green, we look for a rich, fresh color (se), bright aroma (xiang), delicious taste (wei) and uniform shape (xing).

We source our greens from farms and tea companies and relationships we have developed and nurtured since the early 1990s. We source green teas in Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Anhui and Yunnan provinces. From Japan, we offer a selection of Ichiban-cha Senchas.

Green Tea
  • organic Organic


    This lot of organic Gunpowder is a loosely-rolled with a bright, green-side leaf. Made with the same harvest period leaves as used for tightly rolled Pinhead and medium rolled versions, this lot uses a larger leaf and is processed in a more...
    Loosely rolled, lightly pungent.

  • organic Organic

    Heavenly Blue Peak

    An exceptional spring green, this high-mountain cultivar is harvested only for a brief period in early April. Heavenly Blue Peak (Tian Mu Qing Ding) was long a favored tea of emperors. It is grown in bamboo forest preserves of Tian Mu Mountains, in...
    Lush & naturally sweet

  • New Offering!

    Houji cha

    Houji cha is mastery of tea cultivation, processing, and roasting. Beautifully uniform brown Bancha stems are roasted creating a green tea offering calming, roasted, woody aromas. Delicately sweet, Houjicha is served warm for comfort and chilled for...
    Nutty fragrance, roasted & sweet
  • organic Organic

    Jasmine Green

    Fresh, green tea leaf has been delicately and repeatedly scented with the petals of jasmine flowers to create a soothing and satisfying cup of tea that goes well with food. Lot Notes The scenting process for this tea is traditional. Multiple scentings...
    Natural flavors, soothing

  • Jasmine Pearls - Mo Li Zhen Zhu

    Jasmine Pearls - Mo Li Zhen Zhu

    Jasmine Pearls is a delight to watch unfold as well as to drink. This tea is certainly one of China's finest jasmine offerings. The quality of the Pearl rests with two key attributes: a high-quality, spring pick leaf that is hand rolled then kept in cool...
    Sweet, soothing

  • organic Organic

    Jasmine Silver Tip

    The fragrances of jasmine flowers scent our organic lot of Jasmine Silver Tip. Grown in Fujian Province, Silver Tip is a Yin Hao Jasmine style green tea; note the abundance of silver buds and its rich green leaves. Traditionally, the jasmine flower...
    Jasmine flower scented, organic green tea.

  • organic Organic

    Matcha - Powdered Green Tea

    Our organic matcha is made from Tencha leaf, the shaded first leaves of the spring harvest. Shading produces a vibrant green hue, umami sweetness, creamy taste, and enlivening energy. The powdered tea leaves offer high levels of chlorophyll, L theanine...
    Sweet, umami

  • Organic

    Moroccan Mint

    Our blend of fresh, organic peppermint, made with a varietal grown in the Pacific Northwest, is blended with an organic Gunpowder green tea from Zhejiang Province, to create a cool, soothing and refreshing cup. This tea blend can be enjoyed hot and...
    Tea of daily life, refreshing
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    Obuyutaka (Oku) is emerald, delicately shaped, offering an unusually fragrant leaf aroma. Skillfully crafted, this small leaf offers some of the finest tasting Senchas produced in Japan.  Lot Notes. Produced in the Higashisonogi region of...
    Highly fragrant, assertive
  • organic Organic

    Organic Green Tea Sampler - 3 of the Finest

    China's green teas are famous for their artistically shaped leaves, rich aromas and clean fresh flavors. Each spring as the weather warms, tender, newly emerging buds and leaves produce a class known as "before the rains" teas. These varieties are much...
    Spring greens, elegant, fresh flavors.

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    SAE - Saemidori

    This year's lot of Saemidori (SAE) is Ichibancha grade. Grown on a farm above Omura Bay, SAE is an early budding tea, locally known as "Clear Green". The leaves of this high-grade Sencha are a vivid green suggestive of its high amino acid content. Leaves...
    Vibrant, high umami
  • organic Organic


    Our Sencha is organic, the leaves are long and a rich, emerald green color flecked with shades of lighter green. Taste is slightly astringent and produces a yellow liquor. Ours is grown in Fujian Province in the Japanese style. Processing of the leaf is...

  • Small Green Leaf

    Small Green Leaf

    Spring teas in China embody tradition, terroir, and skill. In FuAn traditions in farming and processing of tea run deep. Their cultivars are famous, their flavors in demand. Each year, we look for these early spring green teas that taste wonderful and...
    Fresh asparagus, a bit of nuttiness

  • Snow Bud

    Snow Bud

    Grown at a high elevation, the season is short for this style of tea. Its small, thin leaves reflect its high-mountain origin. Leaf is dense, flavor is nuanced and somewhat subtle. Produced inland in Fujian Province, the tea is...
    Lush, a delicate honey note.

  • organic outofstock Organic Sold Out

    Snow Dragon - Xue Long

    We selected an organic green grown in the Simao District of Yunnan Province. (In the past, we have sourced this tea in Fujian Province.) This lot is a fine pluck of one bud one leaf and offers the appearance of snow (plenty of white leaf) as well as the...
    Sweet, vegetal & clean

  • Spring Blossom

    Spring Blossom

    As the weather warms in southeastern China along the coast, some of the first teas to reach the market are a number of cultivars referred to as Mao Feng. These early greens come in a variety of styles – leaves light to dark green, long and short,...
    Fresh vegetal, nutty flavors, hints of chestnut.

  • Spring Green

    Spring Green

    Spring Green is one of the first teas of spring to come out of the mountains. It is a Mao Feng cultivar made to a large leaf size, offering deep green colors, and a high white bud content. Lot is a taste of the early flavors of the harvest and is an...
    Buttery, sweet grassy notes
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    Spring Green - Decaffeinated

    Numerous varieties of this delicious green cultivar thrive in the valleys and mountains of the southeastern provinces of China. A Mao Feng cultivar, our lot was organically farmed in Zhejiang Province. An early-pick, its leaves open to a...
    Vegetal & sweet, refreshing & soothing.

  • Stir Fried Greens

    Stir Fried Greens

    A well-known green tea in China and virtually unknown outside Fujian Province. Stir Fried is plucked early in the spring harvest and then pan-fired to a lovely, wholesome & sweet vegetal flavors. As it is not produced for the export market, it is...
    Fresh cut vegetable flavors, sweet!