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Origins, flavors & aromas, & steeping notes

leaf & water - a taste of the world of specialty, full-leaf teas.  We've carefully selected 3 popular varieties - green, oolong and black - as your introduction to the aromas and flavors of Camellia sinensis.  Handcrafted, organic and natural leaves, you simply add hot water. With each tea, you will learn basic facts of origin, cultivation, processing of the leaf and brewing instructions to ensure you enjoy a wonderful taste experience.

Our 3 selected teas:

An organic Dragon Well, a handpicked green, fired in a wok to golden-jade colors. Fresh sweet & toasty flavors will fill your cup. Net weight: i oz.

Our Monkey-picked Tieguanyin is grown on a mountainside farm shrouded in morning mists, this classic oolong is lush & floral with buttery smooth flavors. Net weight: 1 oz.

Yunnan Black, the "mocha of tea" is a large "Dayeh" leaf varietal crafted to malty sweet, spicy flavors, refreshing and enlivening. Net weight: 1 oz.

Explore and enjoy the world of tea!  

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3 varieties - green, oolong & black
Fujian, Yunnan & Zhejiang
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