Leaf & Water

Sweet, jasmine and orchids, malty flavors!
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3 varieties - green, oolong and black
Fujian, Yunnan & Zhejiang

Specialty teas are crafted to use the size and shape of leaves to cultivate and accentuate flavors. Fully open to their natural or crafted size, nuanced tastes and aromas are released to be enjoyed and savored.

We selected 3 of our most popular varieties - green, oolong and black - as an introduction to their aromas and flavors. Grown on small farms, handcrafted, organic and natural, to enjoy this world of flavors, you just add hot water. 

Our selected teas:

Jasmine Pearls - spring tea buds and leaves are handrolled into pearls and secnted with jasmine flower petals. Pearls open to naturally sweet, smooth notes of green tea and jasmine. A tea to refresh, calm and enjoy! Net weight: 1 oz.

Monkey Picked Tieguanyin - grown on a mountainside farm shrouded in morning mists. Fresh, light-green oolong leaves steep to floral, orchid-like aromas with buttery smooth flavors. Net weight: 1 oz.

Yunnan Black - known as the "mocha of tea" this large leaf cultivar is a full-bodied black crafted to malty sweet & spicy flavors; always refreshing and enlivening. Net weight: 1 oz.