Tea Clubs

Tea of the Month Clubs

Perfect as a gift, or a gift to yourself, Silk Road Teas has two "tea of the month" clubs to choose from. If you're unfamiliar or looking to try a variety of new teas, our Teas of the Silk Road is the ideal. Let us take the guess work out of ordering great tasting teas.

Or, if you prefer rare and hard to find teas, join our Rare Tea Club. Think of it as an excursion with us through small farms and tea markets, enjoying and learning about Chinese teas.

How the clubs work: Each month for 3 months, we will carefully select one exceptional seasonal tea and send it to you. Included in your shipment will be our "tea notes"- providing information about the varietal, its place of origin, processing technique and our recommendations for brewing and enjoying.

Sign-up for the journey today. Click below to learn more.