Three Cultivars Gift Box

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White, oolong, black
Main Flavor Profile:
Tea tins and box

Three Cultivars surveys Chinese teas offering a variety of leaf styles, crafted flavors, and aromas. A white, oolong, and a black are presented in the distinct styles of three of China's most renowned teas. A glimpse into China's tea culture, a perfect gift for any tea drinker.

Included in the set:

White Peony: the prized Da Bai cultivar is organically grown then minimally processed to preserve its natural flavors and aromas. A mix of light and dark greens and silver buds, this white tea offers flavors of melon, herbs, and honeysuckle. Excellent with food or desert, and very refreshing all day.

Tieguanyin: recognized as one of China's finest teas, Tieguanyin is complex in aroma and flavor. Grown on the coast of Fujian Province, our TKY is floral and buttery. A wonderful tea for enjoying in a quiet moment or for entertaining family and friends. 

Golden Monkey: our "Jin Hou" is a traditional Fujianese spring-harvest black. A rich mix of golden-brown buds offer a cocoa aroma and rich malty flavors with a hint of fruit. Excellent served with breakfast and a refresher anytime. Naturally sweet notes will linger! 

Gift set includes:

  • Three teas in tea tins
  • Elegant gift box
  • Our suggestions for brewing the perfect cup!
  • A note, if you tell us what to say.
  • We will take care of the rest!