Three Delicious Blacks

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Gift Set

Treat yourself, a friend, a lover of tea to three of the finest of black teas China offers. Our curated selection gives the experienced tea lover a wonderful range of full-leaf, crafted flavors. For the novice, surely an introduction to the delicious flavors & aromas of an artisan black tea. Three tea tins are elegantly packaged for seasonal gift giving. We include our suggestions for brewing the perfect cup and we'll include a note, if you'd like.

Our gift set includes:

Golden Monkey: "Jin Hou" well reflects the artistry of a fine-pluck Golden Monkey from Fujian Province. A mix of golden-brown buds flecked with black leaves, this high-grade spring-pick black offers aromas of malt and cocoa. The flavor is decidedly malt, rich and warming. Excellent served with breakfast and re-fresher tea anytime during the day. 

Yunnan Black: grown in the high plateau of Yunnan Province, our Yunnan Black is robust, husky sweet aromas and notes of malt and spice. Crafted in the Dian Hong style of black teas, the thick leaves are speckled with golden buds giving your cup sweet, creamy notes. Excellent tea served for breakfast and always refreshing!

Honey Orchid: a customer favorite, this Fujian-grown Mao Feng cultivar steeps to bright, coppery & clean flavors. The perfect third tea for our set is thick black and gold leaves, spring harvested, then basket-fired to marbled flavors - hints of molasses, caramel, and a light fruity note. Sure to satisfy and refresh! 

Black Tea Gift Set:

  • 3 premium grade black teas
  • Presented in tea tins elegantly packaged for gift giving.
  • Brewing instructions to ensure the finest cup.
  • A gift card, you tell us what to say!
  • We take care of the rest.