Yunomi Tea Cup - Nutmeg

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Ware pleased to offer this handmade teacup inspired by traditional Japanese yunomi. Yunomi cups are made without a handle, ideal for cradling in your hands to savor the warmth and aroma of your tea.

Yunomi cups have traditionally been made for daily, or informal use. Japanese folk potters made yunomi in a very loose style, giving more attention to the individual character of each, rather than to uniformity. 

This is a special family collaboration. The cup has been crafted by Megan and Peter, our sister and brother-in-law, in their studio in Rockdale, Wisconsin. Each cup is thrown on a treadle potter's wheel powered by Peter's foot, which engages a wooden flywheel and the wheel head where the clay turns. The cups are individually shaped on the wheel to a squared or faceted shape. Megan applies the glazing and finishing. Cups are fired to 2350° Fahrenheit.

The cup color is nutmeg. Cup holds four ounces and is safe for dishwasher and microwave.