Yxing Teapot

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The Yixing or red clay teapot is made with a pourous, high-iron content clay that is known to steep teas to an unusually flavorful level. Our Yixing teapots were crafted in the late 1990s, in traditional style - very simple in design yet conforming to the three-level rule - the tip of the spout aligns with the top of the handle and the rim of the teapot.  

Traditional style Yixing teapots are made with unglazed, red "hongni" clay. Yixing or "Zisha" purple sand are pots are famous for their ability to absorb the polyphenol content (primarily catechins) of the tea.  When the tea pot is hot, the sides of the Yixing absorb the polyphenols (pungency, strength, color and pungency of the tea). This creates a deposit or a "memory" that builds-up over time with successive infusions. Typically, only one type of tea is used in a particular pot for this reason. 

Commonly used for "Gong fu" style tea service with oolong or Pu-erh teas. After use, rinse it with hot water and allow it to air-dry. 

Teapot size: Traditional multi-cup style, 16 ounce/473ml.

Teapot preparation: Note, this pot should be boiled in water for at least ten minutes and allowed to dry before its first infusion.



12 oz, 400 ml