Small Green Leaf

Fresh asparagus, a bit of nuttiness
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Item Number:
Green - "fresh tea"
Xiǎo lǜyè
Main Flavor Profile:
Vegetal, nut
Medium - high

Spring teas in China embody tradition, terroir, and skill. In FuAn traditions in farming and processing of tea run deep. Their cultivars are famous, their flavors in demand. Each year, we look for thse early spring green teas that taste wonderful and well-represent local farming practices &  tea crafting. Small Green Leaf fits this description.  

Lot Notes. This lot is grown on a farm near the town of Nan Yan, in an area known as South Mountain. Tea garden is about 700 meters. Tea was harvested in April 2022. Lot is FA-2.

Tea Facts. Cultivar is Da Hao, generally known as Big White. Widely grown in the FuAn area, and usually processed to white tea, in this case it is processed as a green. Its delicate and small curved shape is key to its smooth and sweet flavors. Made to local customs of taste and aroma.  It is not typically exported.

Tasting Notes. As the leaf is small it is compact and full of flavor. It offers a smooth and lightly sweet taste. Note - it is a vigorous tea, we recommend a short steep. Taste is lightly vegetal, think fresh spring asparagus with a bit of nuttiness. Flavors linger in the finish.

Brewing Suggestions. Use a flat teaspoon of leaf for 8 ounces of water at a temperature of 185 - 195 F. Steep for 1.5 to two minutes.   

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