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  • Wild Wuyi

    Wild Wuyi

    A small lot made of leaves harvested from wild tea bushes. These bushes grow outside the boundaries of the surrounding tea farms and are not under active cultivation. More commonly known as Da Hong Pao, this tea is...
    Silky liquor, sweet, peppery finish

  • World of China's oolongs

    World of China's oolongs

    Exotic large leaves, highly aromatic & flavorful - 3 varieties of oolongs! Our sampler offers essentially the range of Chinese oolong styles. From low-oxidized and floral to traditional medium oxidized and "spicey" to high-fired and toasty. Offers a...
    Aromas, flavors & lingering sweet notes

  • Wuyi Green

    Wuyi Green

    Described as a "wild" tasting green, the descriptor is apt for this unusual, boldly flavored cultivar. A local green grown on a small farm in the mountains of Fujian Province. Leaves are a rich, deep green color after a traditional style pan...
    Enlivening, fruity, herbaceous

  • Wuyi Yan Cha - "Rock Tea"

    Wuyi Yan Cha - "Rock Tea"

    Classed as one of the Wuyi Rock Teas, WuYi Yan Cha, through multiple charcoal firings, is a mountain grown oolong that brews to rich orange-red colors & strong flavors. Aroma is likewise strong, a result of the intense firing process it undergoes...
    Bright red, caramel & fruit flavors

  • Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower

    Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower

    Yellow Chrysanthemumoffer all the atributes of the white version but in the vibrant color of yellow. Flower is aromatic and sweet in flavor.  Lot Notes. Our Chrysanthemum flowers are grown in Anhui Province. No additives or chemicals are used...

  • organic Organic

    Yunnan Black - High Grade

    Our Yunnan black is a Dian Hong style black tea. It is single origin and grown organically in the higher elevations of Yunnan Province. Often referred to as the "mocha of tea", it is full-bodied and offers a malty flavor with a delicate spiciness. As...
    Creamy, malty sweet notes & thirst-quenching sweetness

  • organic Organic

    Yunnan Black Organic (2oz. tin)

    Our organic Yunnan "Hong Cha" (like our traditional style) has a husky aroma and the taste is full bodied. The leaves are from a characteristically thick Yunnan varietal that we favor, speckled with golden buds giving the cup sweet, creamy and malty...

  • outofstock Sold Out

    Yunnan Gold Tip

    It was during the Ming Dynasty that the cultivation of tea took on much of the framework (farming, production, grading) that remains in use today in China. It was during this period that various methods of oxidization were also explored and developed...
    Lush flavors of spice, cocoa and baked apple.

  • Zhongshan Baiye "White Leaf" Oolong

    Zhongshan Baiye "White Leaf" Oolong

    A famous Dan Cong variety Oolong that has been cultivated and enjoyed for 100-200 years. Originating in the WuYi mountains of Fujian Province, this highly aromatic Oolong steeps to a golden-yellow infusion with a complex, delicate, toasty-fruity flavor...
    Delicate, almond-sweet & fruity flavor.