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  • One Bush - Rare Oolong Collection

    One Bush - Rare Oolong Collection

    Our One Bush, a Fenghuang Dan Cong or Tan Chung style oolong, is made from a single tree of the famous "Chao An" cultivar. This cultivar local to the Fenghuang area of Guangdong Province. The Chao An cultivar has been farmed for...
    Aged 20 years, peach aroma, fruity nectar flavor.

  • organic Organic

    Orange Hibiscus

    We've created a tisane that is packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals and oh, so delicious. Served hot or iced, our blend of organics - Hibiscus, Orange Peel, dried Ginger and Rose Hips - cups to a rich pink-red liquor with a zesty taste nothing...

  • Orchid Fragrance

    Orchid Fragrance

    Made using traditional farming and processing methods for a Dan Cong class oolong, Orchid Fragrance offrs a sweet and tangy aroma unlike any of our other collection of Phoenix Bird oolongs.  It is grown at an elevation of approximately 1000 meters...
    Wood charcoal fired, sweet & tangy

  • organic Organic

    Organic Green Tea Sampler - 3 of the Finest

    China's green teas are famous for their artistically shaped leaves, rich aromas and clean fresh flavors. Each spring as the weather warms, tender, newly emerging buds and leaves produce a class known as "before the rains" teas. These varieties are much...
    Spring greens, elegant, fresh flavors.

  • organic Organic

    Peppermint Leaf

    Our Peppermint Leaf (Mentha piperita) is organically cultivated in the Pacific Northwest. A flowering perennial, Peppermint is known primarily for its healthful properties as well as its use in food as a flavoring. Highly aromatic, it offers cleansing...
    Stimulating, refreshing & no caffeine

  • Phoenix Bird oolongs - Rare Collection

    Phoenix Bird oolongs - Rare Collection

    Long favored as "tribute teas" by emperors, these 3 teas were grown on small farms in Chou Zhou County, the Yellow or Phoenix Mountains, Guangdong Province, and harvested in 2002-04. Plucked and crafted from select local cultivars, these...
    Flavors of nectar , stone fruit & floral.

  • Plum Blossom Fragrance

    Plum Blossom Fragrance

    Large trees that look very much like stone fruit trees line the mountainside. Six to 10-foot stone walls form terraces creating flat surfaces across the steep slope. Soils are a rich red color and clay-like. The morning fog is just beginning to lift and...
    Aroma of plums, intoxicating flavors of fruit

  • Porcelain Tea Cup

    Porcelain Tea Cup

    This clean-lined and elegant white bone-china tea cup is not only the perfect size at 4 oz., but also feels wonderfully smooth and warm to the touch when you are savoring a cup of your favorite tea.  Keep a full complement on hand for when friends...

  • Rare Oolong Collection - Orchid Fragrance

    Rare Oolong Collection - Orchid Fragrance

    We have worked with Mr. Lin Ze, for a number of years. Every spring, we receive an inquiry as to our interest in his oolong. Quickly affirming, we either visit the farm or, this year, receive selected samples. Working with older farmers in his village,...
    Orchid-like aromatics, honeysuckle to flowery, almondy notes.

  • Rare Oolong Collection - Peach Fragrance

    Rare Oolong Collection - Peach Fragrance

    Peach Fragrance, Tao Ren Xiang, is made from a single-farm tree grove. The cultivar's signature aromatics are preserved by its single-origin havest. Our teamaker. Mr. Lin Ze, has crafted to time-held traditions capturing Peach Fragrance's...
    Complex & rich - peaches & almonds

  • Rare Orchid

    Rare Orchid

    A high-mountain oolong cultivar crafted to a black tea in the local style of the Fu'An area. This wonderful black opens to sweet notes of plums and grows to a delicious, sweet finish.  Lot Notes. Source is a farm located in...
    High aroma, sweet note of plum

  • organic Organic


    Rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) looks and tastes much like a true tea. The cultivar was developed in South Africa and is known as "Red Bush". The leaves of this herbal offer a unique, rich flavor with clean notes of citrus and vanilla.  Its...

  • Rose Buds

    Rose Buds

    Our rose buds are vibrant, aromatic, and full of flavor. Buds have the outer green leaves and base of the flower in place. Buds are a perfect fragrance steeped, to blended with tea, or as a decoration or a potpourri. Lot Notes. We source these roses...
    Flowery aroma, light sweet taste, a golden infusion
  • organic Organic


    Our Sencha is organic, the leaves are long and a rich, emerald green color flecked with shades of lighter green. Taste is slightly astringent and produces a yellow liquor. Ours is grown in Fujian Province in the Japanese style. Processing of the leaf is...

  • Serving Pitcher

    Serving Pitcher

    An 8-oz. glass pitcher that is a perfect receptacle for your perfectly brewed tea.  First steep your tea the appropriate length of time in its pot, then pour it into the pitcher and serve.  3.25" tall.
  • Silver Needle - Yin Zhen

    Silver Needle - Yin Zhen

    Yin Zhen is a variety of remarkable and ethereal Chinese teas made with exacting skill in harvesting and processing. In its pure form and most traditional form, YinZhen or Silver Needle, is made of tender spring buds from a cultivar historic to Fujian...
    Silky smooth, flavors of apricot & honeysuckle

  • Silver Needle - Yinzhen

    Silver Needle - Yinzhen

    Yin Zhen is a variety of remarkable and ethereal Chinese teas made with an exacting skill in plucking, handling, and processing. A delicacy, it is made using a fine pluck standard in which only buds are harvested. We think this lot captures the...
    Spring flavors, honey, fresh apricot

  • organic Organic

    Small Leaf

    Grown in the Cangyuan area, of Yunnan Province. our organic Small Leaf is a "ripe" Pu-erh. Notabley small chocolate-brown leaves open to a rich, clean, mushroom-like aroma, offering a full-bodied cup, rich in flavors - an excellent choice for an...
    Pu-erh, brews to a strong cup, think expresso with some nutty notes.

  • organic Organic

    Small Leaf Pu-erh

    Origins in the Wa ethnic villages of Yunnan Province.  A ripe or Shu Pu-erh offers notes of earthy sweetness, cocoa, and a woodsy, aromatic finish. 1 oz.

  • Snow Bud

    Snow Bud

    Grown at a high elevation, the season is short for this style of tea. Its small, thin leaves reflect its high-mountain origin. Leaf is dense, flavor is nuanced and somewhat subtle. Produced inland in Fujian Province, the tea is...
    Lush, a delicate honey note.